I know its hard to believe but yes this is a finished garmet. Okay so it still needs a couple of tiny buttons but besides that it really is done. Its also my first successful machine knit piece, meaning I will wear this in public.

The yarn is Brown Sheep's Cotton Fine in Peridot, the body was done on the machine with the edging crochet. It was done all in one piece starting from one sleeve and ending with the other. The only seams are at the underarms, and another fun part was the v neck is shaped by doing short rowing. Overall I'm pleased and I can see myself doing more like it for summer, but there are some issues that I need to work on. Things like sleeve length and shaping, and trying the finishing on the machine.

The next piece I'm doing on the machine is another short sleeve cardigan in RY Cashcotton Dk. This one will be made in two pieces on the machine with one seam going down the middle of the back. What you see below is half and hopefully tomorrow the other half will get knit.

I have been watching one dvd after another, its terrible, but fun. The last movie I watched was Indiscreet with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman, and I'm totally into the colors they used on the sets. Especially in the main room of Bergman's character, all the art work hanging up with the bright jewel colored matting and of course they matched the pillows.

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Jeanette said...

The sweater looks great! Congrats on finishing. Were the flowers orchids?

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