Feeling like I don't have much of interest to blog about. At least this thought has occured to me. But it has also occured to me that there is a lot that I have wanted to write about that I just haven't been . Habit , fear? When I write habit I'm thinking about my journals, they seem to be the same way, maybe its just my way, or maybe I'll get there.
So something I've been thinking about for awhile is moving to California or maybe Seattle. I have all these vague ideas about it but fear of finding job, the actual move, and lots of other small things take over. I keep telling myself that I'll find happiness inside me and not in CA. Yet the idea of moving is still there. My only requirement is to live somewhere like Santa Cruz where it seems like the weather does not get extremly hot, ya know, so I can keep knitting with wool and actually wear it. I'm llistening to a book on my Ipod at work and one sentence from it keeps coming to mind "sometimes just doing something is the best thing if your stuck and if it turns out to be a mistake you will have learned from it and then its really not a mistake." Okay thats not word for word but thats the jist of it. Kind of thinking of doing something, hmmmm, we'll see.
So I am knitting, its just that I'm working on something for my SP7 and just in case I don't want to show. Other knitting looks much like progress shots I've shown already.
Right now and right here its time to feed the cats and then myself.
Night Night.


Christine said...

As you know, I'm Californian, and I lived in Seattle. Santa Cruz is a very nice place. Anywhere in coastal California you should be able to wear somethign knit year round. (That's a pro, not a con, in my view! :P)

Jeanette said...

I understand completely your state of mind, both the desire to move away and the concern that it won't really change anything. I have never been to Santa Cruz, though I have family living near there, but often dream of moving to San Diego (I am NOT a fan of cold weather)

Lissy said...

I spent the coldest winter of my life in San Francisco in July! You could move there and be guaranteed an opportunity to wear wool!

But seriously, don't go. Lissy would NOT like. ;)

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