I loooove Ikea.
Oh my gosh, what a store, what a cool day. When you go to Ikea it is an all day experience, but worth the time. They have a cafe as well and of course I had Swedish meatballs.
So I spent some money but I got tons of good things, new silverware, wine glasses, curtains, pillowcase, fitted sheet, tupperware, pasta cooker, frames, and some cool storage containers. Besides the nice prices, I love the simple modern designs. Some of the things I got were to replace some old stuff I had grown up with. I feel like my true sense of style is making its way out and part of it is letting go of some old stuff. I also like the idea of mixing clean modern designs with things that have age, and I have plenty of old stuff.

Above are the new wine glasses and tupperware, both are so nice and simple.
I fell in love with this tree pillowcase and it was only five dollars. Folded below the pillowcase are new curtains for my bedroom, I was using sheets before so this is really nice. Plus they come in a really long length and they supply you with that stuff thats the nonsewing way to hem (sorry have no idea what its called but I know you use an iron to make it work) so you can make them any length you like.

Metro and Una together at last. So off and on today they have been hanging out together and I think its progressing pretty well. Metro got upset here or there but I think it will be okay. Below is a picture of one of the first close encounters.

The two below are both of them exhausted after the experience. Hee hee as I was writing this Una joined Metro on the couch, he's asleep, phew.

I got another really nice ecard from my secret pal, it was so nice. Thank you SP!

So right now they are both asleep on the sofa and I'm going to try to jump in the shower and hopefully not wake them up.


Christine said...

The "first encounter" shot is hilarious - makes me think of old westerns where you get a view down from some craggy bluff at a pass where some unsuspecting wagon caravan is passing through, just before the ambush!

Lissy said...

You got so many nice things, I'm getting a vicarious high just reading about them! I'm glad Una and Metro are getting together.

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