My Mind.
So whats been on my mind today? Hmmmm. I guess my usual goal, or desire, or whatever has been on my mind. My mind , ha, what a term, especially since thats what I want to work on . To quiet my mind. Its not been so easy but when I do it feels better, my body feels better. Ever see the show "Neat" ? Basically its another show that has someone helping people get rid of stuff , ya know clutter. So I definetly need to do that with the apartment , but also on a deeper level want to do that inside me. Clear the clutter. Open spaces in my home and in my head. Yeah I like that. So I managed to order another skein of Vesper sock yarn today, speaking of clutter. I liked the idea of , when you aquire something , you get rid of something . Okay what to get rid of hmmm, I'll figure out what that is and I'll let you know.

Have you seen Whip Up, handcraft in the hectic world? Very cool.

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Lissy said...

Mara, if I had run across that website Whip Up first, I would have definitely sent you the link! Cool beans!

Don't think there's any way your apartment could be as cluttered as mine. Emily and Jeanette could vouch for that. Yes, I'm embarassed. But not enough to DO anything about it! Cuz I LOVE clutter.

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