Hello !
Its been ages, kind of.
Let me introduce you to the newest addition to my family.

Yes her name is Una, the people who took her in called her Una and it just seemed to fit. I guess they named her that because she was the only one the momma had and she's a she. The mommy is a stray and has kittens at a construction site and the workers bring the kittens to these people.

So I got Una last night and and today I took her to the vet. Poor thing has a ulcer on her eye and ear mites. Yuk. It also means I have to keep her separate from my other cat, Metro, for at least a week. Probally just as well since right now every time Metro walks past the bedroom door where Una is, he hisses.

She is a dear, lots of energy and playfulness. I had a hard time getting a good picture of her because she hardly ever stays still. Well except for now, she's worn out from the vet visit.

So I knit a little bit today in Una's presance and she thought is was the most amazing toy, ahem, I'll have to train her like I did my other cats. By training I mean distracting her with other toys.

So I have to warn everyone that there will be more cat photos forth coming. Metro and Una equal time, equal love. Its funny getting Una sort a makes me miss Shezam, who I lost over the summer.


Jeanette said...

Una is absolutely adorable! Congratulations on having her at home. I am very sorry to hear about the ulcer and the ear mites. Good luck with your training!

Christine said...

All kittens are cute, but Una would flat-out win the Kittenwars!

My cat had ear mites, too, when I took him to the vet when he was a kitten. Una will be pest free and raising EVEN MORE photogenic holy hell in no time!

Lissy said...

What a cute little fuzzball! You are so lucky. I met Emily's cats today and told her how lucky she is to have fuzzy love to come home to. Please do post lots more kitty pix.

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