Well it was cold and windy last night, after a day of warmth. Its strange, this keeping my cats apart, I want to be with both of them, I've been back and forth all day. I hope Una's eye will be okay, need to be patient , I just started the treatment. Metro is acting more curious and less hissy at whats on the other side of the door. They have made eye contact. Hee hee.

I feel like I'm in a creative slump, or like I can't get out of the one I've been in for a very long time. Need to stop complaining and just do it. Gawd I'm sounding like a Nike commercial.

I did, almost, finish this scarf. Thinking I might add fringe, not sure. I do like it and despite some frogging here or there, it was fun to work on. The yarn would change every few stitches and I just love all the colors. Basically made a large buttonhole for the scarf to slip through and it fits nice and snug around the neck just the way I like my scarves.

So close to finishing my Jaywalkers, hopefully in the next few days.
Below is the other colorway of Vesper sock yarn that I got from Etsy, I love it. Can't wait to start knitting with this yarn, but first I think I'm going to knit something for the secret pal that I'm spoiling.

Yesterday I went to the pet store and bought some kitty supplies and toys of course. Right now Una is confined to a small room and it seems to have a black hole somewhere that is sucking up her cat toys. Thank goodness I got the wire toy that attaches to the wall so at least one cannot go missing. This wire toy is amazing, it keeps her entertained for long amounts of time and tires her out so she sleeps here or there.

I'll leave you with a photo of Una helping me clean, it got even funner when she attached herself to it and dusted the floor with herself, what a help.

Night Night


bitterknitter said...

Una is such a CUTE kitty! I'm sure she'll heal up quickly and then have lots of fun with Metro.

Your scarf looks great, is it the one that you had previously knit with the yarn from kpixie?

Jeanette said...

Una is truly adorable! I can't wait to see loads more pictures. I also am impressed with your reserve, being able to hold off working with that Vesper, Imressive!

Christine said...

Ditto the kitty stuff. I am envious.

I vote fringe. Looks good; I'd wear it.

Lissy said...

Hi, Mara. I love the scarf. I think I'm going to have to disagree with Christine. No fringe.

Una now has a fan in San Diego. My best friend, who has five cats herself, thinks Una is adorable.

abby powell said...

love-love-the scarf and that sock yarn-awesome!!!

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