Surreal Week.

So yesterday was interesting. There was a scheduled demonstration on my street, and lets just say race was involved. Lots of police and lots of rain. So one group , the one supporting equality and peace, showed up and marched in a circle strongly voicing they're beliefs. The good news is the other group, with a very different opinion, never showed up, and they are the group that scheduled the demonstration. It was declared a small victory. I've never seen or felt anything like this, I mean the police had sticks (not used thank goodness) and formed a wall. You could feel the emotions, tension, anticipation, and finally victory. My narrative here is based on the view I had from my window, I didn't catch the news or read the paper. Wow. It all ended around three and by the time I ventured outside it was like it never happened.

So my idea of being at home sick with a cold (now keep in mind I am without a cold when I come up with these images) is;
-All cozy lying on the sofa.
-Knitting tons.
-Reading tons.
-Drinking lots of tea.
-Watching lots of good TV or movies. Like the whole Pride and Prejudice or You've Got Mail, you know cute, cozy comforting movies.

Here's how it went;
-Switching between bed and sofa for a little variety and avoiding sun in room cause it hurt eyes.
-Knitting. Some. Kind of went like this; Knit , rip out, knit , rip out, knit, partially rip out, throw on floor (happily I believe I gotten out of this routine). Or knit a round, rest, rest, knit a round, rest, rest.
-Spent a stupid amount of time on computer stalking Kpixie in hopes of getting another skein of Vesper sock yarn (got two actually).
-I did finish a mystery called Maisie Dobbs, which I enjoyed and look forward to starting the second one. This does not qualify as tons of reading time but some was done.
-Some tea did happen.
-Lots and lots of trashy tv, Could not seem to get the energy up to put a tape in the VCR, (yes I'm really behind the times I'm just waiting for it to die, die VCR, die). Really trashy like Meet the Barkers, Girls Next Door, Celebrity Fit Club, The Gym. I can't believe I'm saying this but I am sooooo sick of TV. Still watching a bit though, whats wrong with me?

This is the project where all the restarting occured. Using leftover Lamb's Pride worsted and its a top down Anthropologie inspired thing, I say "thing" because I'm not sure where I'm going with this, I'll know more when I get to the point where I separate sleeves and body. Sort of following the pattern from a thread on Crafster and I discoverd this from CuteiKnittahFairy. So I will show a photo that actually shows you what this is like when more progress has been made.

My knitting goal for today is to get to the heel and do the heel by the end of today. I think this will happen, really in the mood to get some good knitting time in today.

Kpixie rocks, I already got my shipment from them. Yeap, I had to try something else as well, its Artyarns Ultramerino 4.

The other skein of Vesper is coming from Etsy and it will probally arrive this week. If you haven't check out Etsy you should , its all handmade stuff, including yarn.

Have you ever listened to Beautiful Girls? Freedom Part 2 is playing right now. I just love it , just guitar and the voices, simple and wonderful. Its about the struggle in your mind to keep your soul. Itunes party shuffle is really cool , you just put in a playlist and it never plays the same order, all my favorite albums all mixed together.
So its a really windy day today and I live on the fifth floor of a narrow old building near the top of a hill. The curtains of blowing like I have the windows open and sometimes I swear I can feel the building swaying, I swear.

Last night I found another Flickr group that I absolutly love, its called Corners of My Home. Basically people show you corners of their home, I think people also post the photos on their blog on Thursdays as well.

Last night I got a ecard from my secret pal, it was really cool. Thank you secret pal!

This building is always fun to look at.


Jeanette said...

Love the pattern for your socks! Where did you find it?

Lissy said...

I hope you're on the mend now, Mara. Bring your Vesper yarn on Wed. and I'll bring mine. I'd like to see it in-person.

Katie said...

wow, what a week!! vesper is so pretty. i love the colors.

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