It's Love.
Just how much do I love this scarf?
I love it so much that I took this photo with partial viewing of my chicken pox face AND before its been blocked.

Actually today is my first official day of freedom, YIPPEE (imagine me doing a little happy dance)! I can now go out in the world and not be afraid of giving the chicken pock to someone else.

The Scarf:
-It is the Bejeweled Scarf pattern from my life in stitches, whose blog I have truely enjoyed for awhile now.
-I used two balls of RYC Soft Lux in Mist 09.
-So here's the vague part, I think my gauge was off so I cast on a smaller number of stitches. Of course I can't remember exactly how many, and of course I did'nt write it down. Sorry.

Yep, I love everything about this one. It's soft, a little sparkly, super easy and fun to knit up. I'd love to use this yarn again, I think I would use the Sable color, it's amazing. I cannot yet totally invision what type of garment to make with it yet, it's tricky with a sparkly yarn, it could be too much. Maybe a real simple cropped cardigan, or vest. Hmmmm will have to ponder this for a bit.

So one of the reasons the scarf is not blocked yet is because I'm waiting for something to be shipped to me thats going to make blocking in a studio apartment a whole lot easier. Hee , hee, I will show you when it comes.


bitterknitter said...

Your scarf is so cute! I'm glad you are able to be back in the world again.

Jeanette said...

The scarf looks great! Welcome back to the real world.

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